First Ever Conference Paper.

So today I get an email that I have been accepted to give my first conference paper in March!!! Short of jumping up from my issue desk in the library and shouting “hazzah!!!” to perplexed patrons, I am very excited. The topic is entitled: “Sprites, Spiritualists and Sleuths: the Intersecting Ownership of Transcendent Proofs in the Cottingley Fairy Fraud”. It sounds rather catchy and one hopes that the content can live up to its eminent title. I’m sure as the time gets nearer my nerves of presenting to an audience of esteemed intelligent individuals will increase. Saying that it cannot possibly be as scary as standing in front of a class of 18 year old A-Level students to teach a lesson on the Defenestration of Prague, whilst trying to remain interesting and engaging!! 


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2 responses to “First Ever Conference Paper.

  1. Good for you! I remember having a brilliant time at my first conference!

    Also – hi! I didn’t know you had a wordpress blog too, I use this site for my book reviews.

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