March a very busy Month

Well I have attended the Eighteen Joint Postgraduate Religion and Theology Conference at Bristol University. The papers proved extremely interesting and it was great to share experiences with other post graduate students. A Workshop on academic writing style, jobs and funding proved a massive practical help. It is nice to know that everyone is in the same boat! I was overwhelmed by the sheer diversity of people’s research interests and the variety of ways of presenting material. Questions and discussions with others gave me a whole mass of ideas to apply to my own research. Talking to some early years researchers and people who had trodden the path before you is a really excellent way to get useful advice. As Saturday afternoon approached my nerves were growing as my paper was coming up. It all went to plan and I just hope I did justice to the complexity of the Cottingley Affair and that the audience found it interesting.

We were then Cambridge bound for Science Week. I was really inspired by the Cambridge Folk Museum and the Fitzwillliam Museum. The highlight of the trip was a lecture on Renaissance Science books. It was so fascinating to see early texts from the 15th century up close and some in their original bindings.

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